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Sprinklers and Irrigation - Maintenance and Service

UpperSaddleRiverNJLandscaping.jpgA sprinkler system is an investment in your property, so take the proper steps to protect it and make sure it is functioning properly each season. Allow our professional irrigation team to optimize your sprinkler system by making sure it's not wasting water, complies with state and local water regulations, and is covering all important parts of your property.

Our comprehensive irrigation and sprinkler maintenance services include:

  • Spring Start-ups - To ensure that all components of your irrigation system are working properly, it is important to have a trained professional start up the irrigation system in the spring and set the clock, check the valves and heads for leaks, andrepair any breaks.
  • GlenRockNJLandscapeDesignerLandscaper.jpgMid-Season Review - We will routinely service your system to ensure it is working properly and evaluate the need for repairs or enhancements. If we uncover an issue, it is carefully reviewed with you along with recommendations best suited for your budget.
  • Fall Winterization - In our region, it is necessary to evaluate all of the water out of the pipes to be certain that there are no breaks and protect all components of the irrigation system. No one wants a flooded basement.
  • Water-Saving Audits - We proudly offer this complimentary service that analyzes the efficiency of your irrigation system. If there are issues or problems, they will be remedied by upgrades or modifications. Often times, homeowners receive a complete return on their investment for the upgrades from the amount of water that is being saved

To learn more about how our team can design, install, and maintain a custom sprinkler system and keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful throughout the season, contact us today or visit our Design Center and Display Gardens in Midland Park.

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