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Saving Water This Summer is Good For the Environment- And Your Wallet

Date: May 2, 2010

Saving Water This Summer Is Good For The Environment - And Your Wallet

Local landscape firm offers tips on saving money while helping the environment through efficient water management

With the hot and dry summer weather rapidly approaching, now is the ideal time for Bergen County property owners to take a good, hard look at their outdoor water usage. As water rates rise and people pay closer attention to a "greener" way of living, there are several steps homeowners can take to benefit both themselves and the environment. First among these steps, according to the landscape professionals at Jacobsen Landscape Design and Construction, whose headquarters and Design?Center are located in?Midland Park, is to evaluate how and where water is being used on a property with an eye on finding significant ways to save on water usage.

"As the summer approaches the demand for water usage on a sprinkler system skyrockets, as does a water bill," says Kevin Malone, Jacobsen Landscape Irrigation Manager and Licensed Irrigation Contractor. For example, Ridgewood Water rates have increased 21% from 2009 to 2010 and are projected to continue to increase at 3% a year.

That's why an efficient irrigation system can pay for itself, Malone points out. "In the last couple of years technology has made it possible to decrease water usage significantly and still maintain a quality landscape."

This can be achieved simply by conducting an evaluation of a property's current system and equipment to determine what improvements can be made to increase efficiency and in turn save money.

"In most cases, any irrigation upgrades will pay for themselves within a few years,"?Malone adds. "In addition, this will also provide satisfaction that you are helping to take care of our environment by not wasting water."

Among the various upgrades and the water savings that can be obtained:

* Installing a solar sync - essentially a sensor device to adjust timers through varying weather conditions - can save 10-40% in water usage during peak months

* Installing a soil moisture sensor, which, when placed in the soil to determine how wet or dry the soil is, can save 25-40%.

* Installing a "smart controller" that adjusts a system to operate most efficiently can save up to 25-40% in water costs.

* Converting mist spray zones to drip zones can save 20-40%.

* Nozzle upgrades on existing systems can be changed to allow for proper watering and save between 15-25%.

* A rain sensor, which is a water saving device that shuts down system when it is raining for a period of time, can save 10-20%.

For more information on how to save on water/irrigation systems or to receive an evaluation of an existing water system, contact Jacobsen?Landscape Design and Construction at 201-891-1199;


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