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Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Keep your lawn green and healthy with our eco-friendly lawn care services

{#/pub/images/LawnCareMaintenanceBergenCountyNJ.jpg}We're experts in creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy lawns in the neighborhoods of Bergen County and northern New Jersey. Put our team to work for you and never again worry about the health or appearance of your lawn. Here are some of the award-winning services that we offer to keep your lawn looking a cut above the rest.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Service includes mowing and string trimming to ensure that grass along edges of beds, fences, walkways and walls are the appropriate length.  We'll take care of disposal, and all hard surfaces, such as driveways, walkways, and patios, will be blown off as needed.

{#/pub/images/BergenCountyNJLawnCare.jpg}Power Raking and Lawn Aeration: Your lawn will remain forever young after we pass a power rake and core aerator over the entire turf area. This will help reduce thatch build up, alleviate compaction, open up spaces for water, air, and nutrients to enter the soil, and optimize growth of the lawn’s roots.

Surface Seeding- Our lawn care professionals with disperse grass seed over your lawn at a rate of up to 2 Lbs. per 1,000 Sqft. This keeps the lawn thick and full and fills in the bare or thin areas. 

Power Seeding- For new or recovering lawns, we'll use a cutting edge power seeding machine to increase seed germination and soil contact. {#/pub/images/NJLawnCareLandscaping.jpg}By placing the grass seeds into mechanically produced vertical slits in the soil, you'll be amazed how quickly your new lawn will take shape.

Lawn Applications - Natural, eco- and family-friendly lawn treatments are available for lawns with specific health or environmental needs. These lawn applications, provided by a licensed landscape professional, will keep your lawn weed and pest free. This includes seasonal treatments to protect against crabgrass, extreme hot and cold temperatures, grubs and other insects, and a lime imbalance.

Contact us today to schedule a landscape maintenance and lawn care consultation with a member of our team.

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