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Lawn and Tree Treatments in Bergen County, New Jersey

Natural, non-toxic solutions for a healthy yard{#/pub/images/NewJerseyLawnCare.jpg}

Jacobsen Landscape offers natural, environmentally-friendly treatments to keep your property healthy and disease free in every season. We are an eco-friendly landscaping comapny that observes best practices when applying kid- and pet-safe fertilizers, weed preventers, and pest repellents to your lawn, shrubs, and trees.

Your plants and trees need food and protection to thrive in the soil of our residential neighborhoods, which are often depleted of nutrients due to generations of overuse and contamination. Our custom-designed Landscape Application packages will ensure that your property gets the help it needs to thrive all year round.

Our Landscape Application packages can help:

  • Eradicate weeds, such as crabgrass and dandelions, in your lawn and garden
  • Remove harmful insects, including lawn grubs, beetles, caterpillars, and borers
  • Supply nutrients to the roots of plants and trees to stimulate growth
  • Protect your trees and shrubs from extreme weather damage, like winter burn
  • Repel deer and other unwanted visitors from your shrubs and garden

Learn more about Jacobsen Landscape’s commitment to the environment and sustainable landscape practices.

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