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Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting in Bergen County, NJ

By Glenn Jacobsen, Posted in Bergen County Landscape Design Ideas

There are many benefits to installing an energy efficient, LED landscape lighting system on your property.Aside from the obvious energy savings and enhanced curb appeal, a landscape lighting system will add value to your home – something that has become increasingly important as the real estate market rebounds. Another key benefit, and one that is not always considered by homeowners, is enhanced security. A well designed, LED landscape lighting system can help protect your home from burglars and other... read more.


By Glenn Jacobsen, Posted in Sustainable Landscaper in Bergen County NJ

Winter cold and winds can be harsh on your landscape. Temperature fluctuations in the winter result in moisture loss for your plants, which can be devastating on your evergreen trees and shrubs that maintain foliage year round. As the ground freezes, transpiration occurs from the needles and leaves, resulting in an increase in water demand. If the roots of these evergreens can’t keep up with this moisture loss, the result is Winter burn or ‘desiccation’—the n... read more.


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