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Preparing Your Landscaping for the Winter

By Glenn Jacobsen, Posted in Bergen County Landscape Design Ideas

As autumn fades, now is the ideal time to put your garden to rest for the winter. Perennials have dried and are dormant for the season, the grass has stopped growing, and annuals lie brown in your flowerbeds as reminders of sunny, summer days past. To get your landscaping off to a strong start in the spring, give your landscaping the attention in needs before a blanket of snow and ice covers your yard.The key to a beautiful garden in the spring is a good clean up in the fall. Cut back stems of perennials an... read more.

6 Simple Landscape Improvements for your Commercial Property

By Glenn Jacobsen, Posted in Landscaping Company in Bergen County

As every commercial property manager knows, a well-maintained business landscape setting has a lasting impression on tenants, clients, and community members. Year-round attention to detail on your site’s landscaping will score you points with property owners and do wonders for tenant retention.  Here are 6 simple, cost-effective landscape enhancements that will go a long way in making your landscaping stand out from the rest.Lawn Applications: First impressions really do count, so keep your lawn... read more.

What You Need To Know About Outdoor Kitchens

By Glenn Jacobsen, Posted in Bergen County Landscape Design Ideas

Outdoor Kitchens have become a popular focal point in many landscapes around northern New Jersey.  They can be designed to be as simple as a grill with a small countertop or as elaborate as an indoor kitchen, complete with a sink, refrigerator, warming tray, or even pizza ovens. Before you take your summertime entertaining to the next level by installing an outdoor kitchen, here are a few important facts you need to know:Layout is everything: Whether you’re considering a simple straight counter a... read more.

Best Reasons to Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company

By Glenn Jacobsen, Posted in Commercial Landscaping in Bergen County, NJ

Believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. Whether you own or operate a small or large commercial site, now is the time to prepare for snow and all other kinds of winter weather. Our trained, professional team - we call them the Snow Kings - will ensure your business is safe and accessible from the first sight of snow through the end of the storm. Our 24-hour snow plowing, de-icing, snow removal and rellocation services will make sure that your employees and patrons will be able to return to your... read more.


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