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Snow and Ice Safety For Your Commercial Property

Snow and Ice Safety For Your Commercial Property

By Glenn Jacobsen (522 words)
Posted in Commercial Landscaping in Bergen County, NJ

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If you were to drive to the mall or another commercial property this weekend and do a bit of window shopping at your favorite clothing store, you’d have no idea that we were in the depths of winter. Even after our first sizable snowfall, the manikins are dressed to anticipate a season of flip flops, short shorts and sunglasses.  To be sure, the journey to this point has been bizarre, with unseasonably warm temperatures giving false hope to a year without winter.  Yet, our fantasies are crushed as we return to a reality of icy sidewalks, dead car batteries and black ice.{#/pub/images/ice1.jpg}

In such a world, it’s important to give some thought to some basic principles of snow safety for your home and commercial site. Any combination of cold temperatures, snow, ice and slush can compromise both your plans and your safety, so here are a few simple tips (some obvious and some not) that will prepare you for the winter that still lies ahead:

  • Be sure to get your snow blower serviced and ready before the snow flies. Top off your fuel can and purchase enough small engine oil to last you the year. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates 5,700 emergency visits a year due to snow blower related injuries, so it’s a good idea to reread your machine’s safety manual. Also take inventory of snow shovels, snow rakes for roofs, ice scrapers before the masses clean out Home Depot at the first sign of a snow flake.
  •  Stock up on a reasonably priced and environmental friendly De-icer. Always read the fine print to make sure you’re not damaging your property or pets.  Many homeowners fail to do their homework and purchase a {#/pub/images/SAashspreading169AA.jpg}product that causes damage to their concrete and stone work. Whether you’re protecting your brand new hardscape or decades old steps, you’d be surprised how quickly some of these solutions can cause erosion. If you’re protecting a furry companion, try out an amide/glycol mixture rather than the traditional sodium chloride or calcium chloride.
  • Make sure to do your due diligence when employing a contractor to do snow removal at your home. Reputable contractors are accustomed to providing proof that they are properly insured and have policies that include general liability, snow plowing and workers compensation.  It’s also a good idea to ask any potential contractor for a reference of two. Once you’ve found the right fit, make sure you discuss specifically what services you expect. Some contractors do not shovel, will not rake snow from roof tops, are only equipped to only handle driveways of certain sizes, and might not use a de-icing material.   Also be aware that the State of New Jersey has adopted legislation which prevents contractors moving snow into any public roadway, which may affect the price of service.{#/pub/images/icedriveway.jpg}

Spring will come soon enough, so don’t let the anticipation of a rising thermometer put your home and loved ones at risk.  Think ahead and make yourself prepared for anything Old Man Winter can throw at you.

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Snow Blow Joe

Definitely important to consider safety with snow removal and when using snow blowers etc.

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