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A Little Mulch Goes a Long Way

A Little Mulch Goes a Long Way

By Glenn Jacobsen (299 words)
Posted in Sustainable Landscaper in Bergen County NJ

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Mulch, simply defined, is a protective layer of natural material that is spread on top of the soil. A sufficient amount of mulch will help control the weeds, reduce moisture evaporation, and protect against erosion and soil compaction.

The primary benefit of mulching for perennials and shrubs is to protect the plant from wide temperature fluctuations in the soil as the seasons change. Frost heaving, or an upwards swelling of soil during freezing conditions, is especially harmful and can weaken or even kill the plant. For perennials that are transplanted or divided in autumn, three to four inches of mulch should be applied over their crowns headed into the winter.

In spring, it is best to wait until the soil has warmed before mulching. No more than two or three inches should be applied and this time of year it is critical to keep the mulch away from the crowns of the plant material. Mulching over the crown, especially during periods of high moisture, can cause the plant to rot. Adding too much mulch can also be harmful to plants, especially for plants with shallow root systems like azaleas and rhododendrons.

Best of all, mulching your landscape will keep your garden looking neat and tidy. Jacobsen Landscape offers premium mulch installation for residential and commercial properties, and our high-quality mulch will add a cohesive, elegant look to your landscape while providing a healthy environment for your shrubs, trees, and flowers.

The mulch we use is all-natural, locally produced, and blends only the best organic raw wood material to create a perfect texture and color. Further, all of our mulch is installed by hand to make sure that your plant and flower beds are covered evenly and with care.

Contact us today to speak with our friendly professional staff about mulch installation for your landscaping!

Comments (7)


Very nice and unique landscape. You created a nice landscape in just a small amount of area. Very idealistic as well. Keep it up.


Pro Landscaping Sydney

Thank you for this! Very informative blog. I will take note of this as it will serve as my guide. Thank you again! Very neat landscape by the way. Keep it up! :)

Uredjenje dvorista

Great tips! I am currently in Serbia, and my landscaper advised me to use mulch, but I wasn't sure.. This definitely helped me, thank you!


Thank you for this! Very informative blog. I will take note of this as it will serve as my guide. Thank you again! Very neat landscape by the way. Keep it up! :)

Exterior Image

The advantages of mulching are surprisingly unknown to many people. Your plants stand to gain in many ways when proper mulching is applied. They will be healthier, you won’t have water them as often and you won’t have to worry about competition from weeds and grass. Using mulches in landscaping will give you an excellent lawn without forcing you to spend hours a day tending to the plants.


Great landscaping. I love to read such informative blogs to learn some tips. I appreciate your hard work. Keep doing.

Alvin anderson

It is truly very attractive, must say that you have done a tremendous job with this landscape. When it comes to lawn care be it commercial lawn care or corporate it really requires lot of time and patience and you actually exceeds in it.

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