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Landscaping Tips for the Perfect Lawn

Landscaping Tips for the Perfect Lawn

By Glenn Jacobsen (536 words)
Posted in Landscaping Company in Bergen County

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Believe it or not, a lot goes into keeping a residential lawn looking green and lush all season long. It’s an art and a science that many turf and agricultural specialists have spent their entire lives perfecting.

But you don’t need to be a degreed horticulturalist to have a lawn over which the neighbors will drool. Just follow these tried and true tips to grow a lawn that will flourish from early spring to late autumn. It’s a Book of Commandments, of sorts, that ought not be broken.

  1. Mow often, but not too much! Keeping a regular moving schedule with your landscaper with sharp blades will force it to grow thick and keep out weeds. Indeed, mowing your grass is the foundation for a healthy lawn, but it can be a double edge sword. If you grow to short, you’ll be making your grass work harder, thereby increasing its need for water and nutrients and risking disease and malnourishment. Use this rule of thumb: never cut more than one-third of a grass’ length at a time. Avoid cutting too low and “scalping” you lawn.
  2. Mulch grass clippings into your lawn. Grass clipping fertilize the soil and add nutrients back into yard, so there’s no need to pick them up. Use a backpack blower, broom or rake to remove them from walkways and beds, but leave the other clipping where they falls. If you're moving often, you'll barely notice them.
  3. Observe healthy irrigation practices. Avoid overwatering your landscaping, especially your lawn. It can be tempting to put that snazzy new sprinkler system to use and water excessively, but too much moisture can cause excess thatch buildup and damage your lawn over time. Always water appropriately depending on the season, but don’t go overboard. The best time to water is not during the middle of the night, a fatal mistake made by many homeowners. Instead, water in the wee hours of the morning just before the sun rises. This way, your lawn and landscape will have time to absorb the water fully and any excess will be burnt off by the hot summer sun. Further, mowing wet grass could suffocate your lawn.
  4. Train your furry friends. If you have dogs that spend lots of time on your grass, it’s important you train them to do their business in a manner that won’t damage your lawn. Train your pets to relieve themselves in one area of your property, then mulch or gravel that area to avoid yellow and brown spots.
  5.  Don’t overuse herbicides and fertilizer. It’s tempting, but resist! Fertilizer used in moderation can help your yard flourish and eliminate weeds. Overdo it, and you’re bound for disaster. Follow the directions on the label, and be patient while the product take effect. If you’re trying to get rid of weeds, try pulling them out by hand before pouring chemicals all over the place. If the weeds are not widespread, this is the cheaper and more sustainable option.

A lush, green lawn is within you reach if you follow these basic principles and consult with your local landscaping company about meeting the needs of your property. Keeping the perfect lawn takes work and, as Kermit the Frog is quick to point out, “It ain’t easy being green.”

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Mae Garner

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Becca Holton

I wasn't aware that the best time to water your lawn is in the middle of the night. My goal this year has been to try and improve make my property much more aesthetically appealing. It could use some work, so I've also been considering finding a service provider to help me with this.

Rhianna Hawk

I'm getting a proper lawn put into place in my back and front yards, and your tips have really helped me figure out how to prepare my home for that. Getting proper irrigation is definitely a good thing to look into, and I've heard that a sprinkler system should be installed before a lawn, so I'll be sure to look into that and, as you suggest, get a system that can be easily timed to water at night. the grass clippings tip for mulching is really helpful, as well, because this is my first lawn and so I would never have thought to leave the grass tips out on the lawn.

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