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Preparing Your Landscaping for the Winter

Preparing Your Landscaping for the Winter

By Glenn Jacobsen (428 words)
Posted in Bergen County Landscape Design Ideas

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As autumn fades, now is the ideal time to put your garden to rest for the winter. Perennials have dried and are dormant for the season, the grass has stopped growing, and annuals lie brown in your flowerbeds as reminders of sunny, summer days past. To get your landscaping off to a strong start in the spring, give your landscaping the attention in needs before a blanket of snow and ice covers your yard.{#/pub/images/1CB8.jpg}

  • The key to a beautiful garden in the spring is a good clean up in the fall. Cut back stems of perennials and yank out those annuals. This will neaten your landscaping and lessen the risk of pests. Fungi and disease spores are looking for a place to thrive in the winter. Clean up debris and so they know your landscape has no vacancy.
  • When the ground freezes solid, add mulch to your flower and plant beds. To protect from ice and snow, add 6 to 12 inches up over the crowns of your perennials and shrubs that have delicate or exposed roots. This is especially important for windy or covered areas where snow won’t accumulate.
  • Autumn is an ideal time to revitalize your lawn, even though you may not realize the benefits until the spring.  Remove thatch, moss, and other organic matter using a rake. Applying a quality brand of autumn lawn feed can be helpful in preparing for the harsh winter climate. November is generally too late to lay new turf, since it won’t have enough time to establish before establish before next summer.
  • Before the soil freezes, take this opportunity to clean up shop by moving poorly placed plants, and dividing mature perennials. Re-edge the borders of where your lawn meets your flower and planting beds. Redistribute old mulch and remove any that has grown moss or become diseased.
  • While it’s important to clear the clutter at the end of the summer season, consider leaving a few stalks here and there for seasonal interest and variety on your property. Ornamental grasses, for example, can provide some height and texture to an otherwise barren landscaping. Seed heads and wheat stalks can attract finches and other winter birds, as will late-flowering daisy-type perennials like Coneflowers and Black Eyed Susans.

Putting your landscaping to bed for the winter can bring mixed emotions. But if you follow these simple steps in late autum, you’ll save yourself extra work, hardship, and expense come spring. In the meantime, enjoy the break from constantly monitoring and tending to your property and begin to plan for a new growing season.

Comments (22)


It's important to winterize your lawn before first frost especially if you have invested resources into your landscaping.

researching landscaping

This is great! Thank you for the run-down on how to winterize. Who would have known owning a home (and consequently, a yard) would take so much planning and preparation!


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Interesting post... my sister got her garden a new look ... she made it look so heavenly. She got it done by horticulturalsolutionsny, Bedford hills, NYC (

Karen -

This time of the year is a good time to spent for taking care of our garden for winter season. I don't know though I am very tight on schedule, my grandfather usually up to the task but he is not in a very good condition anymore so I would think about hiring professional instead? I don't know.

Allen Kang

Thank you so much for the winter Preparing for Your Landscaping.

Jorge Cortez

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Thanks for sharing this post.This is very helpful for me since i have landscaping services and spring and fall clean services.I can suggest this ideas to my clients for better purposes to their lawns and gardens.Thanks man.

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