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Good Winter Reading for the Bergen County Gardener

Good Winter Reading for the Bergen County Gardener

By Glenn Jacobsen (355 words)
Posted in Bergen County Landscape Design Ideas

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delphium.jpgLike many Bergen County gardeners, I spend much of the cold, bleak winter months reading books about gardening and landscape design. This time of year is a welcome opprotunity for me to recharge my creative energy and develop new design ideas for unique outdoor living spaces.

As your imagination turns toward spring in northern New Jersey, reading gardening books or magazines is a great way to prepare your garden while stuck indoors. Take some time to reflect on what did or didn’t go well in your yard or garden the year before and strategize for the upcoming season. Think creatively about the ways in which you can distinguish your property and landscaping from others in your neighborhood.

Here are some great inspirational reads to build anticipation for the spring and lessen the effects of cabin fever:

  • A Collaboration with Nature by Andy Goldsworthy. This book features some spectacular landscape installations and will allow you to view your landscaping as a work of art.  Goldsworthy’s masterful designs are awe-inspiring, and can be transcended into traditional landscape settings like your own backyard.
  • The Garden, A Year at Home Farm by Dan Pearson. A great story of how a landscape designer transformed a run-down property into a bucolic home for his client.  This book features great photography and, once started, is hard to put down.
  • The American Woodland Garden by Rick Darke. This book explores the woodland and will provide inspiration and ideas for those shadier and wilder parts of your landscape.  This is a fun, instructional read that features superb photography, good old American pride, and great landscaping ideas for the aspiring woodland gardener.
  • Architecture in the Garden by James Van Sweden. This book is a thoughtful juxtaposition of spectacular landscape photography and “how to” landscape construction diagrams. A true work of art, this book is a great winter read for all landscape designers wishing for spring.


Take advantage of the time spent indoors by reading up on some great gardening and landscape design ideas. I've given you what's on my winter reading list, what's on yours? 

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