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A Garden That Blooms All Season Long

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Now that the initial burst of summer color has passed, far too many gardeners find themselves in the height of summer with dull, flowerless gardens. But with warm weather and lots of sunshine, now is the time to take advantage of the conditions that are ideal for floral growth. Creating a garden that blossoms and blooms all season long may be easier than you think, and with the multitude of flowering plant varieties that are available in Northern New Jersey the possibilities are endless. Follow these few simple steps to create a garden that’s full of color all season long:

-First, conduct an initial walk though in your garden and make note of the names, location and bloom time of each plant specimen. Then use this information to create a “bloom schedule” for your property so you can get a sense of what and when things are blooming.

-Focus your efforts on the spots that need the most improvement and identify any long stretch of time where nothing is flowering. Split some of the more mature, larger perennial plantings and move them to other areas of your property. A few pockets of the same flowering perennials spread throughout your yard will have a cohesive effect and tie the look of everything together.


- Choose new perennials that vary in bloom time and texture from your existing plants. Put some thought into the location of these new arrivals and group them together so that one clump fades as another comes into flower. Create contrast by using plants that vary in texture, leaf-size, height, and color. If you’re looking for a place to start, try out a traditional, must-have perennial like hollyhock, delphinium, columbine, peony, hosta, and daylily. For added color, take a look at perennials that bloom all summer long, like Siberian Bugloss, Fringed Bleeding Heart, Beebalm, reblooming daisies.

- Supplement gaps in your bloom schedule with Annuals and spring flowering bulbs. After your early spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips and hyacinth have passed their peak, fill the empty space with annuals that will bloom throughout the summer


With a few thousand different perennials, annuals and blubs to choose from, it can be tough to choose the right plant for you. But with preparation and planning you can will ensure that something is in bloom all season long, adding balance and beauty to your property for years.

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