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Bergen County Landscape Maintenance: Fall Mowing Tips

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Maintaining a sustainable yard can help conserve the natural resources on your property, reduce synthetic pesticide use, and make room for wildlife. Here are some suggestions for your lawn that will encouarge a safe and balanced environment for you, your children, and your pets.{#/pub/images/mowyourwaytosuccess1.jpg}

What kind of mower do you use to mow your lawn? The larger the mower, the more non-reusable fossil fuel it uses. And don't forget, noise pollution can be a major irritant for your neighbors and has a negative effect of wildlife especially during breeding season. Unfortunately, the practice of mowing grass that we have become so accustomed too can have a negative effect on the environment by reducing wildlife habitat, destroying nesting wildlife, and eliminating food for pollinating insects that farmers and nature depend upon.

Grass does not want to be cut; it wants to grow tall. Here are a few simple mowing tips that can minimize trauma to your grass, while still encouraging deep root growth:

-Mow Less: By not mowing as often photosynthesis is maximized for each blade, allowing for the production of food to mature and set seeds. Also, by not mowing as often waste is reduced and natural resources, such as gasoline, are conserved.
-Crop Less: Most people like a cropped manicured lawn. Many types of grass, such as blue fescue and ryegrass, can be cut 3" most of the growing season. For other varieties, cropping the blade too short encourages side shoot roots creating ports of entry for disease. Also, keeping grass tall can shade out weeds and prevent the sun from drying out the soil. 
-Time Your Mowing: Schedule your mowing by grass growth, mowing less often in hot, dry spells. 
-Stay Sharp: Maintaining a sharpened blade allows for a clean cut that minimizes damange.


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