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6 Simple Landscape Improvements for your Commercial Property

6 Simple Landscape Improvements for your Commercial Property

By Glenn Jacobsen (503 words)
Posted in Landscaping Company in Bergen County

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As every commercial property manager knows, a well-maintained business landscape setting has a lasting impression on tenants, clients, and community members. Year-round attention to detail on your site’s landscaping will score you points with property owners and do wonders for tenant retention.  Here are 6 simple, cost-effective landscape enhancements that will go a long way in making your landscaping stand out from the rest.{#/pub/images/BergenCountyNJLawnCare.jpg}

  • Lawn Applications: First impressions really do count, so keep your lawn healthy, green, and vibrant throughout the season with natural, eco-friendly lawn treatments. Every property has specific health or environmental needs depending its location and soil quality, so it’s important to hire a licensed landscape professional to keep your lawn weed and pest free. This includes seasonal treatments to protect against crabgrass, extreme hot and cold temperatures, grubs and other insects, and a lime imbalance.
  • Commercial Landscape Lighting: The benefits of adding a low-voltage, LED landscape lighting system to a commercial landscaping are countless. Most importantly, an outdoor lighting system will provide your site with security and safety after hours. Further, your commercial site is you and your tenant’s most visible form of advertising, so making sure it’s well-lit after the sun goes down. Since the best landscape lighting systems are always custom designed, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to install the lighting system that is right for you and your property.
  • Mulch Installation: High-quality, natural mulch will add a cohesive, elegant look to your commercial landscape while providing a healthy environment for your shrubs, trees, and flowers. Mulch is installed by hand is the way to go, and will ensure that your plant and flower beds retain moisture during throughout the season.
  • Power Raking and Lawn Aeration: Keep your lawn forever young by power raking and aerating the lawn at your commercial site each spring. This is especially important for properties with large turf areas in full sun. Power raking and lawn aeration will help reduce thatch build up, alleviate compaction, open up spaces for water, air, and nutrients to enter the soil, and optimize growth of the lawn’s roots.
  • Sprinkler System Tune-up: Protect the investment that you’ve made in your irrigation system by making sure it is functioning properly each season. Ask your landscape contractor to conduct a water-saving auditing for your property to making sure it's not wasting water due to inefficiencies or damaged components.
  • Seasonal Garden Design & Care: Creating tasteful, seasonal gardens and displays is the finishing touch for you commercial property. Seasonal gardens will distinguish your property with intense seasonal color changes with annuals, perennials, mums, and bulb displays. Specialty perennial gardens such as butterfly, hummingbird, rock gardens and more can help give tenants a desirable place to spend their lunch hour.

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Comments (6)


Thanks for sharing your expertise. I'm sure we can definitely apply a couple of these to our yard/garden and improve its look. Cheers! Thiago |


Excellent blog on effective landscape management tips. I own a commercial property and was searching for some ideas to design the landscape around it. The pictures you have posted enlightened me at how good the landscape would appear when it has been done nicely.


Thank you for the tips about the super landscape to looking nice.


Great point about outdoor lighting. The security is important but customers being able to see your business from the street at night is a huge opportunity for you. Thanks for the tips.

Bob Lowe

Thanks for the post. I really like the idea to light the landscape during the night. I like that it helps to increase security and safety. I also like that it helps to show of your landscaping during the night hours as well.


Well done.

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