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Landscape Lighting Survival: Adjusting Your Transformer

By Glenn Jacobsen (294 words)
Posted in Landscaping Company in Bergen County

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The benefits to incorporating outside lighting on your property are innumerable. Whether you want to light up your back yard like Times Square or go for subtle sophistication, there are many different ways to light your landscape. Perhaps you and your family tend to enjoy a quiet evening bbq and accent light your favorite trees or rock outcropping to set the mood. Or you're the social butterfly and host events and functions lasting last long into the night and light the pathways to your pool, the steps in your deck and down light your trees. There is no end to what can be accomplished.

But on daylight savings- DISASTER STRIKES.{#/pub/images/41fd2ZXyXL_SL160_.jpg}

It happens every year. The clock changes and the sunset becomes early or later. All accross your town you notice that peoples outdoor lighting turns on while it's still broad daylight or hours after it's become dark. And all because they are unaware on how to adjust their transformer.

In order to accommodate the change one needs to have the knowledge to adjust the small timer inside. Here's how: the small green and red pins act as the turn on and shut off switches for the lighting. You can place them at any location on the timer, but to have the best effect place the green a little before dusk and the red one approximately 4-5 hrs later. To ensure that you will be conserving energy and ensuring your safety, make sure your lights are on when you get home from work and shut off around bed time. Below is a diagram that will help you better navigate you lighting system.

By getting better acquainted with your lighting system, you will save energy and a service call.




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