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Sustainability at Jacobsen Landscape


Caring for the environment is central to every aspect of our work, and we strive to minimize our impact on the planet through the choices we make as a company. In 2010, Jacobsen Landscape formed a Sustainability Committee to strategically manage our impact on the environment and develop initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Our team has developed a recycling program that contributes to the re-use of all plant containers, paper/cardboard, plastic bottles/cans/glass, and metals that are byproducts of our projects. Energy saving, motion detecting light switches have been installed in our facilities to minimize our electrical consumption. Plans for future projects include other sustainable initiatives like solar panels, paperless systems and composting.

In recent projects, our designers have installed rain gardens, which group plants in a shallow depression allowing for rain water/runoff to be diverted from downspouts to water loving plants. We often use permeable paver systems, which help reduce water runoff into streets or driveways. We also propose smart devices to our Irrigation customers that promote reduced water consumption. Our lighting customers will have the opportunity to install a number of LED lighting systems, which uses 75% less electricity than a conventional halogen system.

As a resident you can encourage environmental responsibility in your community by applying to be a Sustainable Community through Sustainable Jersey ©. For more information visit their website.

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