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System Designs - Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

DCP_3249.jpgWhen deciding how to irrigate your lawn and landscape, few things are more important than the design of the sprinkler system. Whether you are watering grass, plantings, flowers, or vegetables, there are many different factors to consider to make the most of your new sprinklers.

Our custom-designed sprinkler systems use cutting edge, water saving devices that wil meet the specific needs of your property. Here are just three of the core principles we consider when creating a sprinkler system for residential and commercial landscapes:

  • Type and placements of the sprinkler heads: Regardless of the size and type of your property, the placement and type of sprinkler head that you choose is crucial in the overall effectiveness of your
    system. There are four types of sprinkler heads that are commonly used in northern New Jersey: pop-up sprinkler heads, impact rotors, gear-driven rotors, and large turf rotors. Our irrigation designers will choose the option that fits best with you property and put these sprinkler heads in locations where they will be most beneficial.{#/pub/images/SprinklerHead.jpg}
  • Exposure to sun or shade: While it may seem obvious, a well-designed sprinkler system will take into account the amount of sun or shade that exist on different parts of your property. Sunny areas often need to be watered more frequently than others, so cutting down on water usage in the shady spots is an easy way for your to cut the cost of your water bill.
  • Layout of the system for servicing purposes: The layout of the system must be service friendly so that adjustments can be made easily as your landscape matures and changes. It is also important that equipment such as the timer, valve boxes, PVB or sprinkler heads are easily accessible.

Now learn how the installation of your sprinkler system is another important component in keeping your landscaping healthy and beautiful all season long.

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